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The worst Star Wars Campaign - EVER: Disaster at Malastare

For the second scenario I used an adventure from the Instant Adventures books. The three players were taken out of jail to face the imperial officer who had "rescued" two them on the previous episode (captain Mothra, an slightly hypocondriac imperial officer) and Marka Dunn, who told them he had made a deal with the imperial officer in order to make them free, but they would have to part ways. The imperial officer told them that they also had to take with them "that stinky thing" (the gamorrean) while covering his mouth with a cloth. Afterwards they were dropped in orbit around planet Malastare (homeworld of the Gran and Dug species), so they decided to land there and look for a job.

They don't make stuff like this anymore Source: Wookiepedia

It wasn't long until an opportunity arised: a lone, shy Gran showed up asking if they could help him. After trying a diplomatic approach he requested the characters help him kidnapping her girlfriend: in Gran society everyone is given a task according to some tests they take, but he refused becoming a technician as he styled himself a poet. Of course, his girlfriend also wanted to be with him, but his father disapproved. The plan was for the characters to get some formal clothes son that they could sneak into a party that evening in the girlfriend's family villa, so they went to the mall.

After looking for formal clothing shops they entered one specialized in aliens. The store clerk had an initial misunderstanding with the gamorrean (he tought she was a male), but immediately started to measure her in order to make her a dress (yes, a gamorrean in a dress) while the other characters were checking the outfits already available... and then the door opened and a band of Gran in sportive attire entered there. One of them introduced himself as the girlfriend's brother, and told the characters he would pay them if they left the planet, or either they would have problems... and they left! (as my wife said when later realizing the Grant were the brother's university mates, "so we have been terrorized by a bunch of university students!")

Upon returning to the Graceful Flyer they decided that they had lied to the brother, but they couldn't get into the party because they would be recognized, so they would sneak in ninja style, and the gamorrean painted herself black (don't ask me why). Then the poet arrived with a repulsorlimo only to hear the explanations/lamentations of the players. The poet objected that the brother was a boastful moron, not the man of the house, and that there was going to be so much people at the party that probably no one would recognize them. So they left back to the mall, just to see the shops were already closed. They looked for the shop they had been in, and they saw there was a pink dress gamorrean sized at display in the shop's window. And then geniality struck: without telling anything to anyone, the gamorrean broke the cristal with her axe, took the dress and ran away with alarms ringing all around. I thought the other characters would go in and get any formal wear, but they just ran with the gamorrean back to the ship, where the poet was waiting for them with their repulsorlimo (which he in fact had stolen for the occasion, as he didn't have that much money, a fact unbeknowst to the players). So the human characters drove the car and dropped the gamorrean in a pink dress at a posh party...

After a few tense minutes with the security staff (they weren't sure something like that could have got an invitation), the gamorrean was permited to join the party. There she tried to pass for a civilized person (my fault: she should have been rolling alien species like mad).

On the right, how the player thinks her character is. On the left, how she really is. Drawing by Loopy Dave

In the mean time, the human characters were stopped by a local militia patrol, who informed them they were driving a stolen car. Fortunately (after being just one second away from being blasted by the "policemen") they opted to outdrive the authority representatives, something the pilot did with ease.

Back at the party, our gamorrean lady was able to locate the girlfriend, who told her to come back after the party so that she could reunite with her loved one. At that point the brother and his henchmen/friends arrived, so the girlfriend jumped on his brother's arms and instructed her to jump in a badly-dissimulated way ("Oh, thank you for saving me brother! Stop that alien (turning her head towards Victoria)before she jumps out the window!" (player doesn't get it) "JUMPS OUT THE WINDOW!" (now the character jumps out the window). Problem arose when the gamorrean went outside the villa's garden into the street and encountered three of the university students, who tried to punch her, so she opted to make three actions, punching all of them before they could act. With a 5D STR, disaster struck when the first punch killed outright one of the Gran, the second was mortally wounded, and the third one was "just wounded". On her last attack, the player rolled a 1 on her drama die, so I decided a militia patrol just turned around the corner at that very moment, watching the carnage.

On her next turn, our "heroine" kicked the remaining university Gran, then ran away. She was able to loose the first patrol and aproach (on foot) the docks, but she was located by another patrol which was looking for a "gamorrean in a pink gown" (the player thought about throwing the dress away, but the idea of a naked gamorrean female running through the streets was too much even for her). In the end, she was surrounded in a park not too far away from the docks. There she told her companions about her situation, so they quickly decided "Fuck the poet! we're flying away!" and took the Graceful Flyer to the park so as to rescue the gamorrean, all this while ignoring the starport control tower's warnings or the the militia's blaster shots. Then he raced to orbit in order to jump away, while being pursued by a pair of Malastare's Z95 fighters (I have to say that the Gamorrean, with just 1D MEC and no skills at all, managed to ionize one of the fighters for one turn while the other kept closing in). While our smuggler desperately dodged the blaster shots, the pilot decided to use her force point and make an "ultrafast" astrogration roll, something she managed, bringing the characters out of the system and the adventure to an end.

So far, the PCs have earned less character points in two adventures than most people get in one...

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The Worst Star Wars Campaign - EVER!

A few weeks ago I started DMing a D6 SW campaign (in English, although I'm not a native speaker). Current players are:

- Voren Tathis, legitimate businessman (smuggler) and "owner" (because he bought it with a huttesse loan, so he is not exactly the owner) of the "Graceful Flyer", an slightly modified YT-1300
- Anna Levere, a former INCOM test pilot (and my real-life wife) who had abandoned the company when the Empire nationalized it (but prior to the X-wings' Alliance takeover) who now works for Voren.
- Victoria Hugh, a gamorrean warrior-poet (it was intended to be a male, but the player insisted in it being a female) who had been hired by (sold into slavery to) an offworlder by her clan as a mean of getting rid of her, just because there is nothing as unnerving to a gamorrean than one of his own acting like a "civilized off-worlder", then kicking your ass when you laugh at her (she has the same strength as a wookie). Her employer had an accident with a (her) vibroaxe before the start of the game

First Adventure - Rescue Marka!

The first adventure was quite straightforward - the characters (not counting Victoria, as her player couldn't make it) were stationed at frontier planet Lenour, waiting for a colleage to sell certain merchandise at the market. I even made a small script for them:

(Standing at the ramp of their freighter in the outskirts of a rural hamlet)
Anna: Can you remind me EXACTLY why we are in this forsaken mudball?
Voren: This mudball is called Lenour, and it's because my associate Marka Durn told us we could sell those industrial desecators for good credits at Quara's market
Anna: It seems that Marka has hit the spot this time! See those guys towing our wares with their swoops!
Voren: But that doesn't explain why they are carrying Marka with them, or why that guy is throwing a thermal det...
Anna: (pushing Voren away) JUMP!!!!!

Both players dodged the thermal detonator with ease (the attacker rolled a 3!), but a fire started inside the ship. After 3 minutes discussing what to do (hey, your ship is burning!!!), I sent an NPC to the rescue: R2-C9, Marka Dun's astromec droid, who put down the fire and told them he could repair the ship while they rescued his master. Our "heroes" then went to the market in order to ask questions about the "Mad Max swoop gang", and they were told they were offworlders, never seen here before. When asking were coud they land a ship, they were directed to a small "island" in the middle of the marshes not so far from the hamlet. Then Voren decided that the wanted a vehicle, but the only thing he could find was a Gloogh, a native giant slime, which he happily bought for 300 credits. And so on they went.

After a ride to the island, they located the gangers' ship: a big cargo ship modified to carry a fighter bay (with just two TIE's and a Y wing inside). The hangar ramp was opened and there was light pouring out of it (did I tell you it was dark at night?), so the heroes circled the ship until they found an alternative entrance: an airlock! they boarded the ship and arrived to a mess hall in which there was a computer. And then disaster struck:

Voren: -I'm checking the security system -
Master:  -That's quite difficult: you need a 15 to pass the roll -
Voren: - (grabbing TWO DICE) there we go! -

After a horrible roll an alarm set off. And then the characters started moving around checking some rooms until they found a cargo bay full of containers... with four possible entrances!!!! But they decided the cover was worth it, so they entrenched there. On the next turn pirates starting pouring from the entrances (there was 5 of them). Confident on their covers, the players didn't dodge, resulting in the pilot going down unconscious in the first turn while the smuggler wounded the pirate campaign. On the second turn a big pirate with a vibroblade and three other ran towards him, so he tried to jump over the nearest containers, failing the roll and being stunned by a blaster shot after miraculously soaking up a vibroblade hit. When both characters woke up they were in the infirmary, tied with Marka who greeted them ("Weren't you supposed to be rescuing me?"). Some time latter the ship was shocked by explosions. The pirates stuffed the three characters into an scape pod and threw them into space, were they watched a corellian corvette chasing the pirates.

"We are saved!"
The corvette soon returned and rescued the players. The scape pod door opened and only to reveal a stormtrooper platoon and a suspicious-looking imperial officer, who ordered them be sent to the brig.

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My opinion on/ mi opinión sobre la Ultimate Medieval Guide: Feudal Japan


A continuación os pongo mi opinión de cada parte de este suplemento de Savage Worlds

Next comes my opinion on each section of this Savage Worlds supplement


Dividida en dos partes:
- Una corta explicación sobre los nombres japoneses empleados, nombrando la costumbre del cambio de nombre (pero no la de poner delante el apellido).
- Una descripción de las islas del Japón. Es posiblemente lo mejor de la guía, dado que explica cosas como el clima o la orografía que raramente ves en ningún libro similar. Aun así hay muchas referencias a lo que se produce en la actualidad (¡en una guía del edad media!) y algunas descripciones me parece que están equivocadas, por no decir que a veces inducen a error. Además es una sección muy corta.


Divided in two parts:
- A short explanation about the japanese names employed, naming the tradition of changing one's own name (but not talking about the japanese tradition of positioning the surname before the name)
- A description of the japanese islands. Possible the best thing of the entire guide, as it explains things like the weather or the islands orography which are rarely mentioned in any similar books. Even so, there are several referencies to things being produced nowadays (in a medieval age guide!) and some descriptions seem erroneous, or at least guiding the reader to false conclusions. Also, it's a very short section.

Historia del Japón Feudal

Bastante buena. Aunque contiene algunas afirmaciones discutibles (como que los ainu y los emishi son lo mismo), ofrece un punto de vista que intenta alejarse de las idealizaciones que son tan frecuentes en este tema.  Lo mismo puede decirse de las siguientes secciones (Evolución de la guerra samurai, Clases sociales y Religión).

Feudal Japan History

Quite Good. Although it contains several argueable statements (like saying that the emishi and the ainu are the same people), it also offers a point of view which tries to get away to the ever present idealizations on this subject. The same can be told about the next sections (samurai warfare evolution, social classes and religion)

Personajes del Japón Feudal

Absolutamente horrible. Introduce muy pocas ventajas y desventajas nuevas, que además me parecen salvajemente descompensadas.

Feudal Japan Characters

Horrible beyond mesure. It introduces very fer new advantages and disadvantages, which also seem terribly unbalanced.


Seguramente la peor de las secciones con diferencia. Faltan algunas armas (el daikyu por ejemplo), otras son ridículas. Por ejemplo, si un arco y un arcabuz alcanzan lo mismo, pero el arcabuz hace menos daño (y no tiene PA ni nada de eso), y se usa la misma habilidad, ¿para que usar arcabuces? además que es poco realista: ¿Porque se hicieron armaduras antibala si un arco te mata con más probabilidad?. La parte de las armas de cuerpo a cuerpo es "fancy" a más no poder: wakizasi con AP2, katanas que son como las del manual pero a una mano etc etc. Un despropósito total.


Probably the worst section in the entire book. There are several weapons missing (like the daikyu or "big bow"), and other weapons are simply ridiculous. For example, if an arquebus and a bow have the same range, but the arquebus delivers lower damage than the bow (and has no AP or any other special characteristic), and both are used with the same skill, why use arquebuses at all? also, it's completely unrealistic: why were bullet-proof armours developed with the introduction of the arquebus if an old and trusty bow would kill you more easily?
The melee weapons section is completely fancy: wakizasi (short sword)with AP 2, katanas exactly like the ones in the manual (which are completely unrealistic) but wielded one-handed (and there are no rules for using them with both hands), etc. A hopeless mess.

Personajes no jugadores

Hay pocos(tres), pero están algo trabajados. Bien, supongo


There are only three, but they are quite good. I guess it's ok.


Una aventura, lo que es muy de agradecer, aunque el argumento es un poco tópico (asesinatos en una posada donde la gente está atrapada en una nevada). Al menos se puede enganchar en cualquier campaña, algo es algo.


An adventure is included in the book, which is something always welcomed, although its argument is a bit topic (a murder in an inn were people are trapped during a violent snow storm). At least it can be used with any kind of campaign. "It's something"


Para mi gusto, no valió el dinero que pagué por él. No lo compres.


Not worth the money, at least for my tastes. Don't buy it.

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40k Slann

I've wanted to have a slann army since I read the original Rogue Trader rulebook. Unfortunately I was a child at the time, so I decided so bid my time... unaware that there was no time left.

He querido tener un ejército slann desde que leí el reglamento de Rogue Trader original. Por desgracia era un niño en aquella época, así que decidí esperar mi momento... sin saber que ya no me quedaba tiempo.

GW's Slanns. Source:
Slanns de GW. Fuente:

GW produced a very short line of 40k slann (well, at least they produced any: the jokaeros had no miniatures until the XXIst century!) which was discontinued with the second edition of the game. In time, those original miniatures had increased their price astronomically (last time I checked, I was asked 45 pounds for just one), so they are well out of my league as long as I retain my sanity. This made me think: are there any space frog alternatives out there?

GW produjo en su día una pequeña línea de slanns del 40k (y da gracias: los jokaeros no tuvieron miniaturas hasta el siglo XXI) que dejaron de producirse con la segunda edición del juego. Con el tiempo, el precio de estas miniaturas se ha disparado (la última vez que busqué me pidieron 45 libras por una), así que están fuera de mi alcance mientras no me vuelva loco. Esto me hizo pensar: ¿hay alguna alternativa?

Pond Wars range. Source: Eureka Miniatures
Miniaturas de Pond Wars. Fuente: Eureka Miniatures

First in the list are Eureka's Pond Wars range. To be true, they look to me as a joke army: ok, they are frogs who have toad cavalry (frogs mounting frogs?) and their sculpt and poses seem to come straight out of a children's book. Also, being Eureka means that you can't be sure of the scale, and that the shipping cost can be disturbing for people in Europe.

Primero tenemos las miniaturas de la gama Pond Wars (Guerras de Charca) de Eureka Miniatures. A decir la verdad, a mi me parece un ejército de risa: vale, son ranas que tienen caballería de sapos (¿ranas montadas en ranas?) y su esculpido y poses parece sacado de un libro de cuentos para niños. Además, siendo Eureka quiere decir que no se puede estar seguro de la escala, y que los gastos de envío pueden dar miedo a un europeo.

Riverguard. Source: Mantic
Riverguard. Fuente: Mantic

Second on the list are Mantic's Riverguards. Their proportions are a lot closer to GW's slanns, although they don't sport the same mesoamerican iconography nor weapons. Nothing wrong with that. The problem here is that they are lead and so more difficult to transform into "space" frogs, specially if you consider that most of them seem to wear shields.

Los segundos de la lista son los Riverguards de Mantic. Sus proporciones se acercan mucho a las de los slanns de GW, aunque no llevan la iconografía o armas mesoamericanas de estos (no hay nada malo en ello). El problema es que son de plomo y por tanto mucho más difíciles de transformar en "ranas espaciales", especialmente considerando que la mayoría llevan escudos.

Squogs. Source: Reaper
Squogs. Fuente: Reaper

Frogmen. Source: Reaper
Squogs. Fuente: Reaper
A third candidate would be Reaper miniature's frogmen and squog. The frogmen are just right, but they are (again) made of metal, and so a lot more difficult to convert. Their poses don't help neither. The squogs are available in plastic, although their looks are a bit too monster-like compared with the original slanns. Their poses seem to make them easily converted into high-tech weapons-wearing frogs.

Un tercer candidato serían las miniaturas de Reaper de frogmen y squog. Los frogmen están muy bien, pero de nuevo están hechos de metal, lo que los hace mucho más difíciles de convertir. Y sus poses tampoco ayudan. Los squogs, por conta, están disponibles en plástico, aunque tienen un aspecto mucho más monstruoso que los slann originales. Sus poses parece que los hagan más fáciles de convertir en ranas con armas de alta tecnología.

Bizaza Guard. Source: KS
Bizaza Guard. Fuente: KS
The last (and possibly best) candidate is KS's Bizaza Guard. Although conceived as fantasy miniatures, some of them have alternative high-tech weapons in a clear reference to the 40k's slann they so clearly resemble. They are going to be commercialized by Katsina Miniatures (search for them on FB). Unfortunately, it's not sure how many of this will be available after the KS.

El último ( y posiblemente mejor) candidato es la Bizaza Guard de Kick Starter. Aunque concebidos como miniaturas de fantasía, algunos de ellos tienen armas alternativas de alta tecnología en una clara referencia a los slann del 40k a los que tanto se parecen. Van a ser comercializados por Katsina Miniatures (buscadla en FB). Por desgracia, no está muy claro cuantos habrá disponibles tras el Kick Starter.

 (ADDED ON/ AÑADIDO EL 25/10/2017)

Bullfrogs. Source: Ral Partha Europe
Bullfrogs. Fuente: Ral Partha Europe

Coronel_Oneill from added three other references. The first one are Ral Partha's Bullfrogs. Again, I think those may be hard to model into space frogs, but then I guess it depends on how skilfull you are.
Coronel_Oneill del foro añadió otras tres referencias. La primera son los Bullfrogs de Ral Partha. De nuevo, me da que sería dificil transformarlos en ranas espaciales, pero supongo que dependerá de lo hábil que seas.

Phrogg. Source: RPE
Phrogg. Fuente: RPE

 Next come the Phroggs from the same company. They look kinda right (although a bit more cartoonish-looking), but I have been told the are 4 cm tall. A bit too much compared with any other manufacturer.

A continuación vienen los Phroggs de la misma compañía. Tienen un aspecto más o menos correcto (aunque más caricaturesco), pero me han dicho que miden 4 cm de alto. Un poco demasiado comparados con el resto de marcas.

Eru-kin. Source:
Eru-kin. Fuente:

Last but not least come Diehard Miniatures Eru-kin (thanks to Luizda for the pic). Not sure if they are exactly frogs, but some of them seem right (but suspiciously Tau-looking)

Por último quedan las referencias de Eru-Kin de Diehard Miniatures (gracias a Luizda por la foto). No estoy seguro de que sean exactamente ranas, pero algunas de ellas lo parecen (aunque tenga una sospechosa pinta de Tau)

If you know of any other suitable models, please tell me!

Si sabeis de otras miniaturas que pudieran servir, ¡decidmelo!

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Sand Skiff for SWMB/ Esquife para SWMB

Taking advantage of the summer I've made this vehicle from Return of the Jedi from scratch.

Aprovechando el verano he construido este modelo "scratch" del vehículo de El retorno del Jedi

The model/ El modelo

For the model I used the outstanding Moomir Faruq`s papermodel as a template, widening it a little bit (the guys in the movies weren't glued to bases!). I used different thickness cardboard to build the model and barbecue wooden stick. Everything quite cheap.

Para hacer este modelo usé el maravilloso recortable de Moomir Faruq, haciéndolo algo más ancho (¡los tios de las películas no estaban baseados!). Para hacerlo usé cartón de diferentes grosores y un pincho de arbacoa de madera. Todo bastante barato.

The rules for SWMB/ Las reglas para SWMB

Taking the profile from WEG's Star Wars Sourcebook, the stats are(considering it offers a minimum amount of cover, and that it can really accomodate up to 16 miniatures):

Usando el perfil que salía en La Guía que publicó Joc, las características serían (suponiendo que el vehículo da un mínimo de cobertura, y que realmente cupieran 16 figuras):

Sand Skiff
Crew: 1 Passengers: 16 #Turns: 1 Turn distance: 4" Cautious Speed: 7 Cruise Speed 21 Top Speed 70 Accel 7 Decel 7 Flight Ceiling 50 m Body Strenght 2 Body Points 20 Cover 4 Points 77

Mine would cost 69 points (only 8 passengers)

El mio solo costaría 69 puntos (solo 8 pasajeros)

Special thanks to Marl Elster, Kal Diablo and Jan-Willem van der Pijl for their advice

Agradecimientos especiales a Marl Elster, Kal Diablo y Jan-Willem van der Pijl por sus consejos 

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SWMB conversion - Who is this guy?


Aside from a horribly painted thingy... well, when I was watching the Clone Wars series there was an episode in which two jedi accidentally visit General Grievous' secret stronghold. There then find a statue of him before becoming a cyborg. While watching it I thought it wouldn't be too difficult to convert an arab warrior into something like that.

Aparte de una cosa horriblemente mal pintada... bueno, cuando estaba viendo la serie de Clone Wars hubo un episodio en que dos jedi encuentran accidentalmente visitan la fortaleza secreta del General Grievous. Allí se encuentran una estatua del susodicho antes de convertirse en un cyborg. Cuando lo ví pensé que sería relativamente fácil convertir un guerrero árabe en algo parecido.

(Font: Wookiepedia)

I cut the legs and both arms (one at the sleeve's level, the other one entirely) and replaced them by custom made appendages. The spear came with the original model, while the crossbow was custom made (I don't know what kind of weapons his species uses, but knowing that Grievous is a master swordsman I thought it must be pre-powder weaponry, hence the crossbow). I only had one tusk available so I only put one on his face

Corté las piernas y los dos brazos (one al nivel de la manga, el otro por el hombro) y los reemplacé por apéndices hechos con masilla. La lanza venía con el modelo original, mientras que la ballesta la hice con material de deshecho (no se que armas usa la especie de Grievous, pero dado que el personaje es un maestro espadachín pensé que sería anterior a las armas de fuego, y de ahí la ballesta). Solo tenía un colmillo disponible así que solo le puse uno en la cara.
Original miniature / Miniatura original

The colours came from either the few images I found on the net or from history (tuareg are known as "the blue men" due to the colour of their clothes). 

 Los colores salieron de o bien las pocas imágenes que encontré en la red o de la historia (los tuareg son conocidos como "los hombres azules" por el color de sus ropas).

"My name is Grievous de Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die"

And this one finishes my conversions for the time being.

Y esto finiquita mis conversiones de momento.

viernes, 16 de junio de 2017

SWMB conversions - Old Luke

Source: Lucasfilms?
Fuente: ¿Lucasfilms?

Following with the conversions, I saw another figure (a gallic warrior) who immediately caught my attention. It reminded me of Luke in the last seconds of the Episode VII, and had very plain clothes, so I went on to convert this barbarian into a jedi master.

Siguiendo con las conversiones, vi otra figura (un guerrero galo) que enseguida me llamó la atención. Me recordaba a Luke en los últimos segundos del Episodio VII, y llevaba unas ropas muy planas, así que me propuse convertir a este bárbaro en un maestro jedi.

First I tried to cut the sword by his side, but it was so difficult I decided to simply cover it with putty. Then I made the jedi garb's flaps, and finished it with a belt and a lightmace slightly bulkier lightsaber and the hand which wielded it (strangely enough, most of the hand was missing).

Primero intenté cortarle la espada que llevaba al cinto, pero era tan difícil que decidí símplemente cubrirla con masilla. Entonces le hice las solapas al traje, y lo acabé con un cinturón y una cachiporraluz sable de luz ligeramente ancho y la mano que lo sujetaba (extrañamente, a la miniatura le faltaba más de la mitad de la mano).

I have to say that once finished I thought this conversion was a crap, but after painting it I feel it's not so bad after all. 

Tengo que decir que una vez acabada la conversión pensaba que era un desastre, pero tras pintarla me parece que no está tan mal después de todo.

Old & Young
Viejo y Joven

Well, one more to come!

Bueno, uno más para acabar